The company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS is committed to the protection of the personal data of its users and customers. Wanting to be clear about the data we collect, process and store, we provide the following information:


Personal Data manager

The company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS is the organization that collects the personal data of its users-customers. The company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS TOU IOANNIS with headquarters I. MELA 74, LEFKADA, PC 31100, with Tax Identification Number 022464192, liable to the Tax Office of LEFKADA is registered in the G.E.M.I. No: 016477143000



What personal data we collect and how

The personal data we collect concerns the following data: Name, Address, Telephone, email addresses, Tax Registration Numbers, Bank accounts, signature imprint on contracts or contracts, imprint of company stamp.

The company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS never collects credit or debit card details of its customers as all transactions with credit or debit cards are made through POS terminal of ALPHA BANK.

Ways of collecting personal data of users / customers / suppliers

  • During telephone communication
  • When sending an email from the user / customer / supplier
  • When filling out an order form
  • When sending a fax from the user / customer / supplier
  • While browsing the company's website ( and all sub-pages of this domain) in the form of "cookies" and using the IP address of the user as well as tracking the user behavior for statistical analysis (Google Analytics)
  • When filling out contact forms on the above websites
  • When communicating on the official social networking pages of our company:

Facebook account  

Instagram account 



How we use personal data, how long we process-store and share it with third parties

The personal data collected by the company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS is used to serve its users-customers and to complete their possible requests or orders. To achieve this, it stores the data in either electronic or written form and accesses it whenever necessary. Our company does not use the personal data it collects for statistical purposes or for other surveys.

The storage time varies depending on the partnership and the financial transaction process required for each project or order.

The company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS does not transfer to any third party the personal data it collects, unless it has the license of the user-customer-supplier and is necessary for its full service, eg Name, address, telephone, delivery of the order.

The company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS is bound by the laws of the state to hand over the personal data that will be requested from the competent authority (Prosecutor's Office) if there is a criminal act only.

Once the required time of storage of the personal data of a user, supplier or customer has passed, the final deletion of his data from the physical and electronic file is performed.



Security of personal data

The company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS follows strict procedures to ensure the security of personal data both in electronic form and in writing.

As for the physical file, it ensures that all documents containing personal data are not in public view and are not accessible to unauthorized persons. In addition, they are stored in places that prevent them from being broken into. This includes all types of documents, memory sticks, CDs-DVDs.

Regarding the personal data stored on the servers and terminals used by our company as well as in all e-mails, the following security procedures are followed:

  • All computers and terminals used by the employees of the company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS TOU IOANNIS have installed antivirus programs of ESETNOD32 and are protected by a firewall of the company Microsoft.
  • Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL), which uses symmetric cryptography based on a shared secret to encrypt communications as they travel over the network.
  • Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), an industry-standard set of protocols used to provide authentication, integrity, and confidentiality of data at the IP packet level as it’s transferred across the network.
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)-256, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) specification for a symmetric key data encryption that was adopted by the US government to replace Data Encryption Standard (DES) and RSA 2048 public key encryption technology.
  • BitLocker encryption that uses AES to encrypt entire volumes on Windows server and client machines, which can be used to encrypt Hyper-V virtual machines when you add a virtual Trusted Platform Module (TPM). BitLocker also encrypts Shielded VMs in Windows Server 2016, to ensure that fabric administrators can’t access the information inside the virtual machine. The Shielded VMs solution includes the new Host Guardian Service feature, which is used for virtualization host attestation and encryption key release.
  • Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 services for consumers and businesses follow industry cryptographic standards such as TLS/SSL and AES to protect the confidentiality and integrity of customer data.

  • In some scenarios, we use file-level encryption. For example, the files and presentations uploaded by meeting participants are encrypted by using AES encryption. OneDrive and SharePoint Online also use file-level encryption to encrypt data at rest. Office 365 moves beyond a single encryption key per disk to deliver a unique encryption key so that every file stored in SharePoint Online—including OneDrive folders—is encrypted with its own key. Your organization’s files are distributed across multiple Azure Storage containers, each with separate credentials, rather than storing them in a single database. Spreading encrypted files across storage locations, encrypting the map of file locations itself, and physically separating master encryption keys from both content and the file map make OneDrive and SharePoint Online a highly secure environment for stored files.
  • For data in transit, all customer-facing servers negotiate a secure session by using TLS/SSL with client machines to secure the customer data. This applies to protocols on any device used by clients, such as Skype for Business Online, OneDrive, Outlook, and Outlook on the web.
  • For data at rest, Office 365 deploys BitLocker with AES 256-bit encryption on servers that hold all messaging data, including email and IM conversations, as well as content stored in SharePoint Online and OneDrive. BitLocker volume encryption addresses the threats of data theft or exposure from lost, stolen, or inappropriately decommissioned computers and disks.

To store files, data and share between our devices, we use Google services (cloud) which also use encryption and security systems. For detailed information you can visit the link

All electronic money transactions are made either through the surrounding banks or using the POS terminal of the ALPHA BANK bank which are fully encrypted and carried out in SSL environment.



What are the rights of the user-customer-supplier

  • To be officially informed by the company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS about what personal data are kept in the files of our company
  • To receive a copy of his personal data
  • Ask for any change
  • To request their permanent deletion from the archives of the company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS, but accepting any anomalies caused in our further professional relationship-cooperation
  • To request the temporary cessation of processing of his personal data by the company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS
  • To request that his data not be transferred to third parties in any way or that this be done only under certain conditions
  • To request that all his personal data be transferred to a third party through the company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS



Changes in the terms and conditions of the operation and service procedures of the company

The company ORFANOS ALEXANDROS of IOANNIS reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the way it markets its products and services as long as it primarily informs all involved to decide if they agree to continue to enjoy them.